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Home Remodeling & Renovation Services

From swinging on your new porch, to hosting your annual 4th of July or Memorial Day cook-out on your new deck, to opening up and enlarging your main level living space or creating an entertainment space in your lower level so you can host holiday parties and get-togethers, to updating your kitchen and baths, to turning a half bath into a full bath and more -- creating your dream home is closer than you think. 

Have you started a new family or expanded your existing family and need to add a full bath, a bedroom, a play area, or all or a combination of the three? We will help transform your dream into a reality.

Are you sick of your old, outdated or dysfunctional home but you don't want to sell or buy a new one? We can help you love your home again. Do you want to convert a 1st floor office and nearby half bath into to a 1st floor bedroom suite for you or aging parents that need to live with you? We can make that a realty. Or do you want to buy a new home that meets your basic criteria but it needs some updates or improvements to make you happy living in it? We can renovate your new home to suit your lifestyle and taste.

There are many renovation projects you can realize in your new or existing home. The important things is to think about is the functional utility of the home, your personal needs and lifestyle, your budget, and salability down the road. We offer a specialized home remodeling and renovation service via our partner at Diversified Property Solutions. Our goal is to give you a quality finished product you can love, live happily in, and be able to sell when you're ready be in a year or years down the road. 

DIVERSIFIED PROPERTY SOLUTIONS, owned by Kimble True, offers a complete Home Remodeling & Renovation Service. Those services include:

  • Providing presale repairs and updates so you/we can sell your existing home for top dollar and in a reasonable time frame
  • Helping you buy a "fixer upper" home that after we make improvements and updates to it will suit your needs, wants, and lifestyle all within your budget
  • Remodeling or restoring your new home after the purchase 
  • Remodeling your existing home so you can age in place

Contact us for a free consultation. We can make any home your Dream Home!  

Rick & Donna Hamblen, Certified Residential Remodeling and Construction Specialists, Certified NEW Home Specialists, and Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialists, work together with Diversified Property Solutions, to make this service offering a WIN-WIN for you! We are TRULY passionate about Real Estate and work hard to exceed your expectations! 

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